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Classes help students:

1. Be humble and polite

2. Be patient and not discourage

3. Strive to reach their limits

4. Work to develop a healthy mind and body

5. Set goals and reach them

6. Respect others

7. Develop confidence and coordination

8. Learn the importance of honesty

9. Learn to protect themselves and others


Karate Classes: Hillsboro, Oregon

Our training program teaches karate as an art form, sport and conditioning exercise. These classes teach defensive/ offensive techniques. Students learn to defend themselves while increasing awareness and self confidence.

You will attend classes in a school building conveniently located on Oak Street in Hillsboro. It is within 600 feet of the MAX light rail and bus station. Parking space is available in the school lot and street. During regular classes most activity takes place on our 2000 square feet, custom built, suspended wood floor. A separate room equipped with various conditioning devices accommodates students who wish to improve their physical conditioning. In addition, the building also contains separate male and female dressing rooms, an office, showers and a viewing area for the public.

Classes include:

Novice 1-2 years
Intermediate 2-3 years
Advanced 4+

Call: 503.515.9192 for more additional information on our classes.

Japan Karate Federation of Hillsboro serves the communities in and around:

Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Banks, Beaverton, Portland, Tigard, Cornelius, Vancouver, Forest Park, Elmonica, Blooming and Midway, Oregon.