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Dojo Kun:

Be humble and polite.

Be loyal to Karate-Do.

Strive to reach your limits.

Be patient and not discourage.

Work to develop a healthy mind and body.

We are allied with the organizations below:

The Japan Karate Federation Northwest

The USA National Karate-Do Federation

The Oregon chapter of the USA National Karate-Do Federation

Martial Arts: Hillsboro, Oregon

The organization was originally formed in 1920 and has successfully maintained the same high standards of discipline and training upon which Ryobu-Kai was founded.

Old Grandmaster Yasuhiro Konishi referred to his karate as Shindo Jinen-ryu Karate Jutsu ('godly, natural style, complete empty-handed way') Konishi believed that those who walk a morally correct path in this life naturally follow the divine way. He further contended that pure karate training allows one the opportunity to expand their knowledge and establish the solid foundation necessary to living a moral life. Konishi's philosophies continue to persevere at the Japan Karate Federation.

Head Instructor for the Hillsboro Dojo, Sensei Wally Hancock, started training in 1981 at the Beaverton Dojo. He achieved Shodan in November 1984. and was allowed to open a Karate school when he was a brown belt. In 1989 he achieved Nidan and in November 1999 achieved Sandan. He has gone to state, regional and national competitions for 10 years. Sensei Wally Hancock trained under Mr. Chinen, Yamazaki Sensei, Mr. Demura, Mr. Thiry, Mr. Tanaka and Grand Master Konishi.

Please call: 503.515.9192 to sign up for karate lessons today.

Japan Karate Federation of Hillsboro serves the communities in and around:

Hillsboro, Forest Grove, Banks, Beaverton, Portland, Tigard, Cornelius, Vancouver, Forest Park, Elmonica, Blooming and Midway, Oregon.